From its earliest days, Waldemar has been known for its excellent camp cuisine. Meals are served family-style and are nutritionally balanced. It is traditional for Waldemar to have a gourmet chef who oversees the meal preparations.

Menus may include chicken, shrimp, steak, fresh salads , vegetables, homemade breads and desserts. The goal is to expand the girls' palate while also teaching the finer points of dining. The campers earn points for good table manners.

Yardstick for Table Grades
The Camper:

  1. . . .is prompt to meals.
  2. . . .waits to drink water or tea until blessing is sung and all at her table are seated.
  3. . . .helps with the passing of plates (using two hands) and is always attentive and responsive to the requests and needs of others.
  4. . . .maintains good posture and does not put her elbows on the table.
  5. . . .waits until the hostess begins eating to begin her meal.
  6. . . .eats slowly and chews with her mouth closed and does not talk until she is finished chewing.
  7. . . .uses her silverware correctly.
  8. . . .uses her fingers only for acceptable "finger foods". 
  9. . . .eats and drinks a reasonable amount of everything and not an enormous amount of one thing. She can ask for seconds on food and/or drinks.
  10. . . .participates in conversation but does not monopolize it. She makes an effort to be interesting and pleasant and includes all table companions conversing only with those at her table.
  11. . . .uses "please" and "thank you" when requesting and receiving food. 
  12. . . .remains at the table and is patient until all have finished their meal and the hostess excuses the group.
  13. . . .leaves wet towels, tennis racquets, hats, etc. outside of the dining hall.
  14. . . .has a positive attitude about trying new foods.
  15. Only the hostess can request more food and only from the waiter, never from a nearby table. 
Table grades are based on a scale of 1 to 10. Perfect score for the term is 30 points. 


Camp Waldemar Dining from Elizabet Quinones on Vimeo.