Staff Profile

Waldemar is a camp of the highest ideals and has become synonymous with the finest standards in girls' summer camping. We seek a staff who are exceptional role models and set proper examples with their skills, actions, appearance, language and relationships to maintain this level of excellence. We spend many months recruiting counselors who have a genuine love for children and a strong desire to provide a wholesome example for the children whose lives they influence. We ask our staff to maintain a very natural, rated "G" appearance while at camp.

The ideal counselor is someone who embraces these values and leaves camp knowing she has made a positive impact on the life of a child, and gained a lifetime of cherished memories and friends from around the world. While we value the youth and energy that our college-age staff shares with our campers, we also appreciate the wisdom and maturity brought by our many returning staff who continue to come to Waldemar each and every summer. Some have been coming for more than 50 years!

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