Putting your camper on the bus is an exciting and nervous step. They are beginning their journey to a very special summer experience. This experience begins when they say goodbye to you and step on that bus. We can assure you that they are in great hands. On each bus, we have excited and prepared chaperones that will make the journey with them. New friends are made, old friends are reconnected and the summer begins.


There are specific pick up locations that your child will need to be at on the day of departure, depending on where you live. Waldemar contracts with a number of charter bus companies that will bring all the campers from your area to Waldemar. You will be notified by your city"s representative as to what time and where to meet to get on the bus. At the end of camp, you will travel to Waldemar for a two day closing where you will be invited to ceremonies, field day, and our final awards program. Hilltopper parents are invited to camp as early as Wednesday night for the Sr Drama performance.