Near the end of camp your daughter may write urging you to send or bring some "parting gifts" or "kampong tee shirts" for her kampong mates. Imagine the complexity of such an exchange of gifts among all seven members in each of 45 kampongs. This is to advise you that such gifts are absolutely "Taboo". This policy is designed to protect you from the expense and trouble of doing such shopping. We need your cooperation!!! If you must give a gift, do it after camp so as to avoid awkward situations and embarrassment. This applies to counselor gifts as well.


Also, please note, while we love to see tribal spirit come out on Field Days, store bought gadgets purchased for the entire tribe are prohibited and may lead to points being deducted from your daughter's tribe. We want spirit tags, etc, worn by campers and their families to be homemade. Wait until you see their creativity and talent shine through!