It is not uncommon for children to express that they are homesick. This is totally normal. There are those of us who feel that we are experts at counseling homesick children. We understand that for the new campers being away from mom and dad brings up a lot of feelings and emotions. They are running, playing, making new friends and navigating new experiences. All which are new and can be overwhelming.


Please remember that if this should happen to your child it is important for you to stay positive and encourage her that these feelings are normal and once they get back into their camp schedules etc.. the feelings of being homesick will go away quickly.  Try and refrain from making deals to pick him/her up early. This can undermine the sense that you have full confidence in your child*s ability to cope with and manage these very normal feelings.


We are here for you and your child. If we hear from you that you are receiving letters of sadness, once we talk to your child we will try to let you know when your camper is back in the swing of things so you can sleep easy. It is stressful on all, but kids tend to move past these moments quickly.  Together, we will make this transition easy and positive.