The first day at camp is an exciting one! (You might even see George Anne jump 5 feet in the air when the campers arrive!) When the girls come off their buses, they are welcomed and directed over to tables where they receive their nametags, kampong assignment, and first table seating. We have many counselors at the welcome tables anxious to direct the girls to their kampongs and help carry their belongings. Once they get to their new home for the summer, their counselors welcome them in and help them make their beds and get acquainted with their kampong mates.

SHORT TERM: Upon arrival at Short Term the girls make their bunks & get a walking tour of the camp with their kampong-mates. After a good meal, they walk to the Totem Pole wearing their self-decorated headdresses, to enjoy the production of The Legend of the Jackrabbit and Coyote (Waldemar group divisions for Short Term).

FIRST AND SECOND TERM: The first night of First and Second Term is a special night that a Waldemar camper will remember for the rest of her life tribal drawings. Each new camper draws for her camp tribe: Aztec, Comanche, or Tejas. She will continue to be a member of this tribe throughout her camping years. In everything she does, from her table manners and cleanliness in her cabin to how well she participates in her classes, she will earn points for her tribe.